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JAMA Medical News

Jun 29, 2020

Chicago public health legend and retired physician Linda Rae Murray, MD, discusses systemic racism and the pandemic’s disproportionate effect among African Americans and other people of color with JAMA Medical News Associate Managing Editor Jennifer Abbasi. Dr Murray is an adjunct assistant professor at the University...

Jun 23, 2020

Latin America and Its Global Partners Toil to Procure Medical Supplies as COVID-19 Pushes the Region to Its Limit; “Abandoned” Nursing Homes Continue to Face Critical Supply and Staff Shortages as COVID-19 Toll Has Mounted; Challenge Trials—Could Deliberate Coronavirus Exposure Hasten Vaccine Development?


Jun 3, 2020

JAMA's Angel Desai, MD, speaks with Gary Marcus, PhD, coauthor of Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust. Marcus argues that endowing machines with intelligence will require innovation that embraces the complexity of the real world. Plus: How can AI be used during COVID-19?